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Hello! (Please read the following lines, or better, print them out, also if you have had your first session.
I hope, I can give you some new ideas about modeling)

Zum Konzept in deutsch.
You`d like to start your career as model. I think, this is a good decision.
If we can co-operate, I will take this with the same seriousness as you take your career. If you are to fare away for me to help you then the following ideas may assist you.
Leave plenty of time for your first session.
We need about 8 hours to take the right pictures, that show different facets of your personality.

Later, you will pose for products, but in this first session, everything is arranged only for YOU!

One main part of this 1st session is to give you self-confidence.
Are you un-sure, because of your size or the shape of your body? Forget it. More and more photomodels of all sizes are hired for advertising. There your personality and appearance is important (...and the ideas of the adverising-agency who has selected you).
This is the reason we don`t sell expensive curses, but know, that you need to continue (or start) with your sport-training, dancing, etc.

To show your personality we need much different clothes. When you select your clothes at home, please do it in front of a mirror and think about different roles you can perform. Try to find contrast as tender/agressiv, friendly/arrogant,...

Take some photos with you. Also if they are not professional, I can see a lot about "your best side".

Different sujets will give a structure to our session:
portrait, dressed for "opera", for sport and lingerie (nude, if you want to work in this field).
We will use the sujets YOU are interested in, of course.
It would be an advantage to take photos of special abilities you have (martial-art, hores-riding,juggle,...).

We start simple. You wear the dress you like most, listen to music you like and start moving, dancing. So you feel sure and I can see how you are moving, using your body.
Please take you favourite music with you (MCs, Records,CDs,...)

If you like, and the weather is ok, we also will work outdoor.

With help of the digital shots, we are able to control the progress on the monitor. This documentation of developing of your posing will also give you more self-confidence in front of the camera.

...some "Backstage-Pics"



Asia + Natasha

Shiloe + Ekk

Usually I take about 240 photos from you. This is enough to change your clothes, make-up, appearance. If your are not able to make your own make-up, a specialist will help you. But it is important to learn this, because clients prefer amateur-models who can make their own make-up.

Nevertheless we offer a professional make-up support (min. EUR 35.-).

If you like, you can take your friend / parents to our 1st. session, but when we start, they have to go (except you are underage).

Good results needs time and money:
You get all photos on CD for your private use.
• on a 2nd CD you get selected pic for your own presentations.
A short Videoportrait
is possible, too.
• I make the design for your website, link it directly to your e.mail-address and add your site to the most important search-engines.
• Additional you get 4 Prints in size A4 for your portfolio.
• Of course, the 6-8 hours-session is your (1st) lession in modeling. You learn to move, looking for your make-up and get a new feeling for your body.

If you like to cooperate with me in an artistic way, this offer is free for you.

If you like to to work in the area from fashion (portrait) to underwear, my offer costs US$ 550.-/ EUR 430.- only.
For this little money I`ll work two days for you:
+ one day for our session.
+ and the second day for the photofinishing and the webdesign.

Please compare my offer (and the quality of my photowork) with others, then decide!

Ask for details.
Yours sincerely
-ekk lory-


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